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June 2021 Market Update



Sales were up last month compared to June last year, but this year's March market set the bar pretty high and some pockets are still struggling to keep up with the demand.

Sales also grew much faster than new listings in the past 12 months, pointing towards a continued tightening of market conditions pitting buyers against each other and resulting in strong price growth. However, as buyers feel the fatigue from the overheated expectations, the average sales price has edged lower in June, hovering just under the $1.1 million mark.


Here’s what happened last month in the GTA:

We have seen market activity transition from a record pace to a robust pace over the last three months. While this could provide some relief for home buyers in the near term, a resumption of population growth based on immigration is only months away. While the primary focus of policymakers has been artificially curbing demand, the only longterm solution to affordability is increasing supply to accommodate perpetual housing needs in a growing region" - TRREB Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer

The condo apartment segment is leading the charge in year-over-year sales growth as the urban exodus starts to balance itself out the other way. The price for an average condominium apartment is now up more than 8% compared to this time last year and moving forward into the summer months, we can only expect it to grow even more.

To sum up this month’s data, its an incredibly exciting time to be a part of real estate and if you're in the market to buy, this might be the perfect time. Market conditions are continuing to tighten resulting in strong price growth but the current market conditions are also offering a little bit of temporary relief for buyers before immigration starts to rise and come back to life. 


Is now the time to buy? It might depend on what your desired areas and budget are. Is now the time to sell? YES.

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