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January 2021 Market Update

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Real estate keeps rising and rising, my friends! Our first steps into 2021 show no break in our upward trend, as GTA Realtors reported almost 7,000 sales, up more than 50% from January 2020, showing that the pandemic has truly created a more urgent demand for housing.

Here’s what happened last month in the GTA: 

“The pandemic certainly resulted in an unprecedented year for real estate in 2020, but it hasn’t put a damper on the overall demand. Looking ahead, a strengthening economy and renewed GTA population growth following widespread vaccinations will support the continued demand for both ownership and rental housing. But over the long run, the supply of listings will remain an issue, particularly in low-rise segments.” - Jason Mercer, TRREB Chief Market Analyst 

The data indicates that the HPI benchmark price for Toronto condominiums has stayed quite constant, even increasing incrementally year over year, compared to the usual uptick of around 10%. However, the average sale price, which only reports the data of the homes actively selling, indicates a drop of 4.7%. Since the benchmark price has stayed roughly constant, but average sale price has dropped, this suggests that there hasn’t necessarily been a drop in condo value, but that sales are trending towards the lower end of the typical range. 
This trend is likely being realized due to the overarching effect of this pandemic on property values; part-time and non-essential workers that make up a large proportion of the rental market, are currently out of work. As the one-bedroom condos are less likely to be occupied by a family with stable income, and more likely to be investment properties occupied by tenants, this makes their expected rental income more susceptible to market fluctuations. As the rental income drops, and landlords aren’t able to carry their mortgages, they try to sell. When more units hit the market, the price drops. And when demand drops, price drops even more.

Another key factor to consider in all of this is that Canadian Mortgage professionals have reported that the mortgage deferral “Cliff”, or the point of time after the initial mortgage deferral announcement when a large number of deferrals were expected to come due, has had most of its constituents resume their regular payment schedule, as the vast majority of deferrals were taken out of abundance of caution, rather than necessity. As jobs continue to recover, the population continues to become vaccinated, cases continue to decline, and immigration begins to resume towards its 400,000 annual mark, we’ll be expecting the bullish trend to continue. 

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