Hurontario LRT Update

By: Karl Abuwalla

Hurontario LRT Update

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Work on the Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) project is underway! They are currently relocating the Enbridge gas and Rogers network lines on Hurontario St. in order to accommodate the construction of the rail line, so expect traffic delays or avoid the stretches South of Matheson & South of Fairview entirely!

The new service, slated for completion in 2022, will connect people from the Port Credit GO station to the Brampton Gateway Terminal at Main and Steeles, where Shoppers World is located. The goal is to provide a fast and reliable link between Port Credit, Cooksville GO, Square One, and Shoppers World, as well as to seamlessly connect all of the local transit providers: GO Transit, MiWay, and Züm.

The introduction of Transit-Oriented Development, or TOD, will serve to considerably foster the benefits of a more easily traversable city, by increasing commutability and enabling workplaces to expand their locations outside of typical downtown cores. What does this mean for us?
Without a doubt, PROPERTY VALUES along the Hurontario corridor as well as all adjacent neighbourhoods will witness a considerable and continuous rise as travel times to the downtown core will be significantly reduced, improving the city’s overall commutability, and decentralizing the demand for living space in the downtown core.

You might have noticed a considerable uptick in construction - the GTA is moving UP! This article by The Globe and Mail outlines the current state of the condo boom, highlighting that the TYPE of home is key in deciding how prices are affected. Toronto currently has more active developments than Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago combined, but the vast majority of units being constructed are one-bedroom apartments, and not so much of the middle ground between tiny apartments and detached homes. 94% of these one-bedroom apartments get snatched up by investors to rent out, leaving only a marginal amount to enter the market to be pondered by the average buyer. Naturally, as commitments are made towards infrastructure & transit, developer & investor interests surge - there’s not as much risk when a location is more easily accessible.
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