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February 2021 Market Update

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Two months in a row we’ve seen over 50% growth in year-over-year home sales. There would be absolutely no surprise if we record the same trend next month. The record home sales continue, as the persistent low interest rates drive buyers to take advantage of the opportunity, for the most part, in the suburbs surrounding Toronto.


Here’s what happened last month in the GTA:

“In the absence of a marked uptick in inventory, the current relationship between demand and supply supports continued double-digit average home price growth this year. In addition, if we continue to see growth in condo sales outstrip growth in new condo listings in Toronto, renewed price growth in this market segment is a distinct possibility in the second half of the year,” - TRREB Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer.

Toronto’s home price index and average selling price both reported increases just under 15% since last February. This is led by suburban areas around the gta, which saw more than 20% growth in all segments other than condo apartments, up to 27.8% growth in detached homes.

As a slight drop in the high-density population of Toronto can populate entire small towns, cities to the North of Toronto like Innisfil saw a 38% uptick in the average sale price as buyers continue the mass exodus along every major route out of the city. 35% higher as a whole for Simcoe County to the North, 36% for Cambridge to the West, and almost 30% higher for the Durham Region to the East. However, once again, we’re seeing a shift towards the end of the month - some cities like Hamilton and Niagara are reportedly seeing competition start to fatigue and stabilize, so we’ll be looking forward to seeing how the month of March looks on paper, as we mark one year since the beginning of the lockdowns.

Interestingly enough, Cambridge condos also saw an uptick of almost 60% since February 2020, while Toronto condos declined 6.4% as a whole. Considering $500k in Toronto can get you 3 times as much space in Cambridge, the work from home lifestyle seems to be much more comfortable in that part of the Province.

Is now the time to buy? It might depend on what your desired areas and budget are. Is now the time to sell? YES.

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